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We have listed below a selection of useful career resources which are practical, inspiring and interesting.

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Is it the right time for a career change?
As the economy grinds through this recession, keeping your head down for now and hanging on tight might seem like your only option....Read more

PDF Icon. Click to upload career articles.Redundancy - Disaster or Opportunity?
It's Monday morning. You have been asked to cancel your meetings and make sure you are available to meet your Head of Department to discuss a "special project." You get called to the meeting and before you know have just been made redundant...Read more

PDF Icon. Click to upload career articles.Join the "more play, less work" club 
How many times over the past few weeks have you said "I just don't have time!" We all seem to be so "crazy-busy" these days - juggling busy careers with family life, a hectic social life and a long to-do list. Imagine if there was a way to free up time so you can spend more time doing the things you love....Read more

PDF Icon. Click to upload career articles.Money, money money
When considering a career change, money can often seem like an impossible barrier to overcome. Can you really do work you love and get paid for it? Read more


PDF Icon. Click to upload career articles.Listen to the beat of your heart...
Most people drift through life with no real aim or purpose. They feel reasonably happy with "their lot" and wander through their weekly routine with no clear sense of direction. Work, gym, sleep, work, gym, pub, sleep, work, gym, sleep. Can this really be what life is about? Read more

PDF Icon. Click to upload career articles.I believe I can fly...
At some stage in our lives we all experience a dip in our self confidence. In this article we explore what self confidence is and how it impacts your ability to do the things you would love to do. Read more




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Direct Gov - Next Step

A comprehensive site that gives detailed information on different careers including the nature of work involved, earning prospects and entry requirements.


Aimed at graduates but contains a useful section on different job sectors.

Escape the City

A site aimed at corporate professionals who want to escape the rat race and find meaningful and fulfilling work. There is an inspiring section on people who have successfully escaped the city.


This one is for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there. The site tracks new business ideas from around the world.


Another one for people looking to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. This site reports on emerging global consumer trends.

People per Hour

A useful site for people considering a freelance or portfolio career, this site connects freelancers with small businesses who need their skills.