our clients

Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and professions. They all have one thing in common - they want more out of life and they are committed to take action to get it.

Here's what some of our clients say about working with white zebra:

"It's been a real pleasure working with you. Thanks again for all your help - it's been invaluable."

"It's a bit scary being in your forties and realising that you've fallen out of love with your chosen profession. Anne is fantastic. After one meeting with her I realised that it is possible to have a future I can look forward to. She's knowledgeable, kind, patient and understands what's important to you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with her." Juliette, Advertising


"...it has been fantastic working with you..."

"I am in my last week in my current company and then I get a short break before I start my new role...It has been fantastic working with you and I definitely feel more confident about the future. I still have the goal we set in my mind and I feel that I am much closer to achieving it than I thought possible within such a short space of time." Marie-Anne, Biosciences


"I cannot recommend Anne highly enough..."

"I cannot recommend Anne highly enough. She is an excellent coach and provided invaluable support in helping me achieve my goals." Anon.

"Anne provided an excellent coaching experience...."

"Anne provided an excellent coaching experience. When I started I did not imagine the results would make such a difference. Anne really listened, understood and guided me through an exciting personal journey to find those all important goals. Her warm style really makes this easy and her professional manner inspires confidence - go on you are in good hands." AJ, Local Government Manager


"Thank you. Working with you over the past two weeks has been enlightening and empowering." Mark


"It has had a great impact and a long lasting effect..."

"Anne has introduced me to a logical, structured approach to improving various aspects of my life, and as I was very much responsible for developing this approach myself, it has had a great impact and a long lasting effect." Leigh, Web Developer


"I found the sessions immensely helpful...."

"I found the sessions immensely helpful...I am feeling much more positive about things and I know I wouldn't have got there without the help and structure provided in our sessions..." Ed, Company Director


"Anne expertly combines intelligence and insight with excellent practical coaching skills...."

 "I have recently been offered the opportunity to explore work and life issues with Anne through coaching sessions. I was truly overwhelmed by her ability to make me look at my life through a different lens. It was amazing how Anne managed to draw thoughts and feelings to the surface and allow me to explore them in a truly positive way. Anne expertly combines intelligence and insight with excellent practical coaching skills. She also exudes an infectious positivity which encourages and inspires. As a result I leave every session feeling empowered. I would highly recommend Anne as a coach." Alison, Chartered Banker 


"Anne.... helped turn clutter into clarity...."

"Anne skillfully navigated the maze that is my head and turn my acorn of an idea into an evergrowing oak tree. She helped turn clutter into clarity and helped me turn my thoughts into inspiring and productive actions." Chris Lee, Talent Team, Scottish Gas 


"Anne....pushed me enough to realise that I can achieve my goals."

"I found that talking through every aspect of my life with Anne gave me clarity that I didn't have before. It really helped to put things into perspective. I found Anne really listened to what I said, made me feel comfortable talking about any area of my life and gave me honest opinions and pushed me enough to realise that I can achieve my goals. She is a very easy person to talk with. Thanks Anne." Shona, Paralegal


 "....made a difference out of all proportion to the effort involved...."

"Anne helped me to identify and prioritise a number of actions that have made a difference out of all proportion to the effort involved in implementing them." Andrew, Finance Director


"Thanks very much for a great session. I certainly feel very energised and organised about taking the next steps..."  Laura


"The Career Crossroads programme...takes you on an inspirational journey before leaving you on the right career path."

"The Career Crossroads programme gave me the confidence to recognise my full potential and the motivation to use it! I thought I knew what my ideal job was and what was preventing me from a career change...the programme has encouraged me to explore all possibilities and break down the barriers to chasing my dream. It takes you on an inspirational journey before leaving you on the right career path...and you learn a few surprises along the way!"  ST 


"Anne has been excellent. Highly recommended." Sarah


"My coaching sessions went way above my expectations."

"My coaching sessions went way above my expectations. I got so much from my first session that I felt I fast tracked what I needed to do to get career satisfaction again. I can't thank Anne enough...I trusted her with my thoughts and fears right from the beginning...and she helped me get back on track and take control." Michelle, Supply Chain Manager


"I can't thank you enough Anne and I am so pleased that I contacted you. Already I feel very positive about the future."   Laura


"Anne was great....fantastic listener...very motivational"

"Anne was great and very patient. She gave me lots of space and time to talk and kept me on "task". Fantastic listener and very helpful. Feel better already! Very motivational. Thanks" KA


"Thanks again for your help. It's been really useful. I'm definitely feeling more motivated now!" Shona


"Our two sessions have been invaluable...I always feel better coming away from you..." Julie 


"Anne lifted my spirit....I thoroughly enjoyed our session." Sylvia


"I came out of each session feeling inspired..."

"I would thoroughly recommend experiencing coaching with white zebra. Anne did a great job of helping me to identify and work through my life goals, along with the steps required to achieve them. She uses thoughful and insightful questioning and I came out of each session feeling inspired." Lorraine, Management Consultant, Belfast.


"Thank you for getting me to look at things differently...."

"I am in a very happy place right now and know my way forward and that in some part is down to you and our meeting...Thank you for getting me to look a things differently...even if it did take a while to percolate from my brain to my heart!"   PW


"...it was a very valuable session for me."

"Anne took the time to understand me and helped guide my thinking to help me more forward more positively. Thanks Anne, it was a very valuable session for me. I have lots to work on and a renewed enthusiasm." NL


"Thank you so much for all your help...It has really helped me gain focus and clarity" Robbie 


"Thank you so so much Anne for all your help" Maria


"Felt very confident after only first session."

"Anne is a very good coach. I will be able to take ideas forward. Felt confident after only first session. Well done." Simon


"Excellent service." Alan


"Through support, encouragement and a gentle push...I have a job that I previously felt was out of reach."

"When I first met Anne I was confused and dishearted with my career prospects, or apparent lack of them! Through support, encouragement and a gentle push to focus on what I really wanted, I have now changed my career and have a job that I previously felt was out of reach. I now know I have the ability to direct my future and I am excited to see what it brings!" Diana, from Fundraiser to Police Analyst


"It has reinvigorated my job search!" Andrew 


"...this resulted in seeing big returns early on..." 

"Anne very quickly helped to identify and prioritise the areas I needed to focus on. This resulted in seeing big returns early on and laid a solid foundation on which to continue improving. Many thanks Anne." James, Manager, Professional Services


"It's been fantastic!" Colin


" I am now much happier even if it is not where I thought I would end up!"

"My sessions with Anne were challenging but helped me to really focus on what was important to me in a way that I had not really done before. This new way of thinking, and focussing on my goals, helped me to think differently not just about my career (which is what I originally signed up for) but in how to tackle different situations at work in a much more positive way. I have now changed jobs. This was a direct consequence of the coaching with Anne as when the opportunity came up I was able to think about it in terms of what was important to me and really picture myself in the role - which could only have helped at interview. I am now much happier even if it is not where I thought I would end up!"  Kirsty, Management Accountant


"I found it very helpful and it has really improved my attitude..." RG


 "A really valuable service." Billy